How To Choose Your Suspension

Tips on Choosing Suspension Parts

There are numerous affordable, easily upgraded suspension parts for 4WDs. By swapping out simple parts, such as ball joints or the sway bar, you can see a significant difference in your vehicle’s performance, handling and safety. Here, you can learn about these important suspension parts.

Upper Stress Bars

Consider installing upper stress bars to reduce strain on strut towers during sharp turns. These bars diminish flexing and twisting in the corners, and they’re relatively simple to install.

Sway Bars

If you notice that your 4×4 is leaning into the turns, you may need to consider one of the 4X4 suspension kits that are available. An anti-roll suspension kit has a stiffer, thicker sway bar, which keeps your vehicle flatter in the turns.


Along with ford ranger mags, a new set of springs can raise or lower your vehicle’s height. Lowered springs cause a vehicle’s centre of gravity to lower, which can significantly improve handling. Upgraded springs may be substantially stiffer than the stock ones, and they should be installed by a pro because of the specialised tools involved.


When adding other Ford Ranger accessories Australia, consider installing new shocks. Changing your spring height will put additional pressure on your shocks, so it’s important to install a set that can stand up to the extra compression. If you leave your stock shocks on, they’ll wear out a lot faster.


If you want to upgrade your shocks, springs and 4WD wheels, coilovers are another fine option. Coilovers are a combo of shocks and springs that are highly adjustable; they make it easy to raise or lower a 4×4 depending on the type of driving you’ll be doing.

Complete Kits

There are many upgrade kits that offer all the necessary parts, along with comprehensive installation instructions. Lift kits are quite common, but you should be aware that installing such a kit may void the warranty on other parts of your vehicle. Consult a local installer for details.

Purchasing Suspension Parts

While it’s easy to find 4WD accessories online, making the right choices can be difficult. Most enthusiasts buy accessories based on their appearance, meaning that many popular options will leave your 4WD’s suspension too soft and too low. To get the greatest performance from your off-road vehicle, it’s important to know some vital information before buying.

Choosing Springs

Many of today’s enthusiasts buy springs with the goal of fitting larger 4WD tyres and 4X4 rims, or lowering a vehicle for better handling and a sleeker look. The only problem is that the rate of shorter springs is kept almost stock, to make them compatible with OEM struts and shocks. Shorter springs offer reduced suspension travel without the corresponding (and necessary) increase in stiffness, which increases the likelihood that the suspension will bottom out and damage the shocks. Most manufacturers don’t list spring rates; therefore, your best strategy is to choose the tallest lowering spring possible.

Strut and Shock Selection

When choosing aftermarket suspension components, shocks are the most difficult part to select. The reason is that companies express shocks’ damping characteristics in varying ways. For the best results, choosing shocks with adjustable damping will allow you to customise things to better suit your vehicle.

Bump Stops

These polyurethane blocks help to protect your shocks from damage when your vehicle bottoms out. However, most of today’s bump stops are much too hard, and when they’re hit, the suspension’s spring rate can rise to a dangerous and unpredictable level. If you’re installing an aftermarket suspension kit, you should install microcellular bump stops for increased predictability and safety.

Aftermarket suspension kits usually focus on form and fashion rather than on function, as this is what most enthusiasts want. To find a setup that will suit your off-roading needs, you may need to do a great deal of customisation and detailed selection. For help choosing suspension parts and cheap tyres Sydney, visit the site, 4X4 superstore today or call to speak to a knowledgeable, friendly expert.